5 Apr

There is a good reason for this blog to be called “The art of hunger”. Actually, there are several reasons but let’s focus on the most obvious one first.

Honestly, hunger is an art. It is one of the most rudimentary and basic things ever, necessary for survival. So why is it such a hard task for some of us?

The way it’s supposed to be, people don’t even think about it. Eat when hungry, stop when full. It sounds pretty simple. Maybe the mind is just not simple and once you start thinking about it, you mess everything up, cutting some invisible connection to your inner wisdom and intuition that advised you before.

Sometimes when being hungry I mix it up with being tired or exhausted… or vice versa. Anyone who wants to tell me hunger is easy… no way. Plus, there is not only physical hunger but also emotional hunger. The effort to make a difference between those two is even harder cause they come in disguise.

I gave up on my mind, he’s never been a big help in this matter. Hunger is something basic and essential, much more than our mind. Trying to find that inner voice, even though it’s quiet and distant cause it’s used to be ignored most of the time, seems to be one of the few sane choices, or attempts, I ever made in this matter.


One Response to “Hunger”

  1. Dirty Girl Gone Good April 9, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    In the last 3 months my brain has literally went from never knowing when I was full to now never knowing when I’m hungry! My stomach can be rumbling to high heavens and my brain just doesn’t get it! I lost 40 lbs without even noticing! The mind does crazy things! Very thought provoking post!

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