There are a million things out there that will be so much sweeter than a relapse…

– Number one thing to do when the urge is coming: Get away from the kitchen area. Danger zone.

–  Back to the roots – Go outside. Feel the fresh air on your skin. The sun. Or the rain. It doesn’t really matter. Breath deeply.

– Music – rock your life! Listen to music that really moves you are that you associate with a happy time in your life. If you play an instrument, why not practice a new song? Or play one of your favorite songs. Put on your favorite CD and sing along loudly.

– Write. Get out your journal and put in on paper.

– Get social. Go out, meet up. Call a friend or write a letter.

– Study. Keeps your thoughts from taking silly turns. And learning new stuff always gives you a positive feeling

– Try to remember what you feel like after your relapse. Speaks for itself.

– Meditate, do yoga, pray.

– arts and crafts. Be creative. Now is the right moment.

– Drink. Water, at best. Have so much that you feel too full for eating. A way to treat your taste buds without food would be a cup of tea.

– get physical. Exercise, take a ride on your bike, go running

– lighten a candle / incense sticks

– take a shower

– polish your nails, try new make up…

– read a book, the newspaper, the wikipedia article of the day

– tidy up your room


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